Tabata intervals

This site is about tabata intervals. It is an extremely efficient training method backed up by scientific studies (more about that in the science section). The main benefits are:

  1. Very short workout session
  2. Improved athletic capacity
  3. Improved metabolism
  4. Improved fat burning

So how is it done? Well, tabata intervals can be applied to many different exercises, both with and without weights or other equipment (You will need a good interval timer). They say a picture is worth a thousand words so a video should say plenty. Here´s an example of tabata intervals applied to running:

Check out the video section for more exercises. Whatever exercise you choose to do, here is a step by step guide to the tabata intervals version of it:

  1. Do whatever warm-up you like for two minutes
  2. Work your exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds
  3. Rest for ten seconds
  4. Do points 2 and 3 for a total of eight times
  5. Do whatever cool-down you like for two minutes

If you can´t do eight rounds right away then do fewer rounds. Don´t hold back just to be able to complete more rounds. It´s important to work as hard as you can when you work. Of course, as you get better, you can start doing several exercises the Tabata way. Perhaps first some running, then burpees, then pull-ups, then…? You get the idea.

Tabata intervals and high intensity interval exercises in general are great for developing anaerobic and aerobic capacity and also for fat loss. If you want a complete training program (featured in Men´s Fitness Magazine) with high intensity training for fat loss that works then you should check out the turbulence training web site.

Good luck with your tabata intervals and remember:

Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever!

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